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Terms of Service and Disclaimer


Payment Methods


All consultations with Dr. Maryl Millard are confidential. Clients may, in certain circumstances, consent to have information shared with other persons involved in mediation, adoption planning, or adoption search and reunion situations.

  • No fees are charged to birth parents considering adoption who contact Adoption Advocates. No fees are charged to any person for an initial call inquiring about services.
  • AdoptionAdvocatesOnline.org. is not a mental health, legal or agency service.

The mission of AdoptionAdvocatesOnline.org. is to provide timely information and resources which may inform and educate prospective adoptive parents, parents who have already adopted, birth parents, birth parents' families, adoptees, adoption professionals, mental health professionals, adoption agencies, and adoption attorneys. It is the goal of Adoption Advocates. to provide this information in order to facilitate successful adoptions, enhance trust, cooperation and communication, and to reduce misunderstandings, conflicts and mistakes throughout the adoption life cycle.

  • Information about professionals, agencies, prospective adoptive parents and birth parents, search and reunion services is in no way a guarantee that these persons or services are appropriate for AdoptionAdvocatesOnline.org clients or site visitors.
  • Search consultants and other service providers listed on this site have varying degrees of experience and training. Dr. Millard is not responsible for any damages that may result from such a contact. It is the responsibility of the person seeking services to obtain information about any professional¹s qualifications.
  • Consultants and service providers listed on this site have not been screened by Dr. Millard. These listings are provided not as referrals, but as a first step in your process of shopping for services.

The information on this site is not intended to violate the provisions of California Family Code §8609, which forbids advertising for placement of any children by an unlicensed person. The contents of this web page are not intended to be directed to persons subject to either California law or the laws of other states in the USA which set set forth similar restrictions.

Anyone who follows up information listed on this site is responsible for checking out qualifications, gathering references, and practicing due diligence in all matters pertaining to services offered through this site. Dr. Millard is not responsible for any actions taken or damages incurred after obtaining advice or information from any persons or services listed on this site.

Any written materials, cassette tapes or CDs are sold to provide information or relaxation. No materials are intended to be medical or legal instruction. Stress surveys and self-evaluation forms provided on this site are not psychological assessment measures, they are general information clients may use for their own purposes. Self-scored surveys on AdoptionAdvocatesOnline.org. are not intended to take the place of psychological assessment or treatment by physicians, (psychiatrists, other specialists) clinical psychologists or counselors.

  • Clients of Adoption Advocates. are responsible for their own interpretations, decisions and actions.
  • Any suggestions made to clients of Adoption Advocates are educated opinions. It is the responsibility of anyone who is reading material on the site or consulting with Dr. Millard to gather other opinions on the matter at hand and come to their own decisions as to what actions to take. Any damages resulting from actions taken by a client of AdoptionAdvocatesOnline.org are the responsibility of the client and are the result of choices made by the client following the gathering of one or more opinions.
  • Dr. Millard does not guarantee that she will be available at all times to all persons who are clients or who wish to be clients.

While it is the goal of Dr. Millard to be able to provide consultation to those who need it, Dr. Millard reserves the right to choose who will be a client and determines when consulting with that client is logistically feasible. There is no absolute guarantee that anyone will be able to reach Dr. Millard in an emergency or urgent situation. Should any damages result from Dr. Millard's lack of availability, these damages are to be understood as in no way the responsibility of Dr. Millard. Consultations will be by appointment based on what time is available.

Spontaneous calls will be accommodated at the time of the call whenever possible, day or night, 7 days a week.

Dr. Millard agrees to be available for consultation on as flexible terms as possible but makes no guarantee that services will be available at any given time, even if such a time was prearranged by appointment. Clients of Adoption Advocates. are expected to have other resources to call upon when Dr. Millard is not available. The toll free phone number is a Monday - Friday, 9:00AMto 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time number. If you wish to call Dr. Millard’s pager, you may do so anytime at 559-488-5143. It is possible that all these services will not be able to reach Dr. Millard for one reason or another, and clients are responsible for arranging alternative assistance.

Dr. Millard reserves the right to terminate consultation services at any time for any reason, and agrees to return any funds which have not been earned. Under no circumstances will fees be returned to a client after documented services have been rendered, regardless of the outcome of a particular adoption plan.

  • An experienced "on call" substitute consultant may be available during times when Dr. Millard cannot provide services herself.
  • When Dr. Millard is not available, clients may periodically be given a choice to consult with an "on call" consultant who has experience in adoption consulting. Clients should interview the "on call" consultant to determine if the qualifications of the substitute consultant are considered to be sufficient. These persons would be providing services in keeping with this disclaimer and stated terms of service.

The client assumes responsibility for choosing an alternate consultant whether they do it through a referral from AdoptionAdvocatesOnline.org or elsewhere. Dr. Millard makes no promise or guarantee that an alternate or substitute consultant will be briefed on the case at hand, and the client may not receive the same suggestions or advice from a substitute consultant. It is assumed that a substitute consultant will be giving their own educated opinion, which may differ with the opinions of other adoption consultants.

Fees for services must be paid at the time of service or in advance. Fees can be paid in advance for services to be rendered at a later time or to another client.

Adoptive parents may authorize an advanced payment in order to have Dr. Millard carry out a planned consultation with a birth mother, birth father or other adoption professional. An attorney or agency may also authorize an advance payment for a third party consultation.

Fees are based on an hourly rate of $100 per hour, plus any long distance phone charges are incurred for a call (if toll free phone number is not used). Travel fees to provide in person consultation services are charged at $35 per hour for travel time, and $100 per hour for consultation. Fees for long distance travel and services are set on a case by case basis. Fees for conference speaking engagements and workshops are arranged on a case by case basis as well.

The minimum fee for a phone consultation is $50 for any time in excess of 10 minutes up to 30 minutes. Very brief calls (less than 10 minutes) are free of charge. Payment for services will be based on a time period agreed upon by the client and Dr. Millard (or the "on call" consultant).

Payment to the "on call" consultant will be made by Dr. Millard according to a contract agreed upon between that party and Dr. Millard. Under no circumstances should an Adoption Advocates client pay an "on call" consultant directly. In the event of a problem with the fee or service, this allows Dr. Millard the authority to settle the matter with the client.

While other methods of payment will be accepted, online payments in the Adoption Advocates PAYMENT CENTER of this website is the most prompt and efficient method. The PAYMENT CENTER is secured by Veri Sign to accept CHECK OR CREDIT CARD payments.



Successful adoptions are the result of sufficient motivation and cooperation by all the persons involved. Lack of compatibility or irreconcilable differences can result in adoptive parents or birth parents choosing to look elsewhere for a "match". At times, birth parents may not be able to proceed with adoption. AdoptionAdvocatesOnline.org and Dr. Millard are not responsible for any losses or damages that may result from such a situation.

Informed decisions are the most stable; birth parents and adoptive parents will be given as much information as possible regarding their options in any given situation. Regardless of initial preferences put forward by new clients, options such as various types of adoption plans will be discussed with all parties before a final choice is made regarding a mutually acceptable adoption plan. If a match is dissolved and the termination of an adoption plan is submitted by the parties involved, then other options and other potential candidates will be presented. It is the goal of the consultant to inquire about, to discuss and to understand the full spectrum of options available to clients.

This includes discussion of confidential or "closed" adoption arrangements as compared to more open adoption plans in which the parties meet each other, disclose identifying information, and cooperatively make an adoption plan which includes some form of ongoing communication after the adoption is legally finalized. The goal of mediation is to obtain the facts of any situation and facilitate understanding, trust and cooperation, so that all parties to the planned or completed adoption can cooperatively move toward a common goal. It is the full intention of Dr. Millard to perform these services with honesty, integrity and fairness to all parties concerned.

As a wise person once said, you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but never all the people all the time. Never was this more true than in adoption mediation. Mediation and negotiation requires flexibility and compromise from all parties to an adoption, including the professionals involved. The goal is to arrive at an understanding which is sufficient to the situation, and can be honestly accepted in the hearts and minds of everyone involved. There may be instances in which this goal is not achieved, but it is nevertheless the spirit within which all services are rendered.

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