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General Stress Events History

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General Stress Events History

All too often, people coping with adoption or infertility stress tend to forget that other stress factors are also taxing their decision-making and coping resources. Be realistic about getting help for yourself when you need support going through decisions and challenging situations; the results will be better than they would if you chose to "tough it out" yourself.

Obviously, no two stress factors are equal in their impact on any individual; the sum you derive here is merely a means through which you acknowledge how many other stressors you are managing alongside adoption or infertility treatment.

Place one check below for each stress event you have experienced within the past 3 years. Put the approximate date of that event in the space provided, and some brief details about the situation. If you need more room, write the item number on the back of this sheet and add more information.

Your Name_______________________________ Date_______________


  1. Loss of job or a move to a new job
  2. Divorce or separation from spouse
  3. Death of someone with whom you had a significant relationship (spouse, family member, lover, friend, business partnership, mentor)
  4. Moving to a different residence (state whether or not you moved to a different community, state or country)
  5. Serious illness
  6. Family crisis (divorce of parents or siblings, injury or serious illness involving a family member, other)
  7. Significant job related stress
  8. Caring for a family member who is seriously ill
  9. Breakup of a significant relationship, estrangement from someone who was a significant person in your life (partner, lover, friend, family member, including losing legal custody of a child)
  10. Life threatening event
  11. Rape
  12. Physical abuse
  13. Financial crisis
  14. Loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth
  15. Addiction related stress or recent recovery from addiction (alcohol, drugs, eating disorder)
  16. Hospitalization
  17. Depression
  18. Legal problems (being involved in a lawsuit initiated by you or someone else, being arrested, convicted, serving time in jail or placed on probation)
  19. 19. Psychiatric problems other than depression (panic attacks, phobias which restrict your functioning and create stress, other problems)
  20. 20. Adoption or infertility related stress
  21. Education related stress (starting new school or being in a stressful situation related to school)
  22. Other stress



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